About Dhasol

Dharmaj Society of London (DHASOL) was formed in South London in 1968-69 by a dedicated group of new arrivals of Dharmaj origin, mainly from Kenya, with the primary objective of continuing social and cultural intercourse experienced in East Africa through similar organisations set up by initial migrants from village of Dharmaj in Gujarat. At present there are around 1,400 families of Dharmaj decent residing in the UK.

DHASOL's success was quickly replicated by other migrant communities, also from villages of Charotar District, and many village associations with a view to achieving similar objectives for their members.

DHASOL as we are popularly known in Dharmaj today and elsewhere is a Registered Charity and has regularly participated in fund-raising events for disaster appeals and for numerous good causes that improve the well being of residents in India and in particular, residents of Dharmaj and surrounding villages as well as for the public benefit in the United Kingdom (UK).

Our activities have been recognised nationally and internationally and have been the subject of appreciative reports in the Indian national press and formed a feature of the special Zee television News event in 2005.

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