Welcome to DHASOL

President's Address

After many years of serving Dharmaj society of London in various posts including Secretary and Vice President, this year I was appointed to serve as your President for which I am very honoured. This position has been held by many inspirational individuals in the past. I have learnt a great deal from many of the dedicated committee members and Trustees and now have an opportunity to move the charity forward.

My vision for the charity is to involve more young people so that our culture and heritage is passed on. Many young Dharmajians are making great strides in their professional and personal lives and I urge them to come and play a part in the future of DHASOL.They have huge potential and many skills which would help to support aged, ill, disabled, poor and deprived members of the community, bringing education and care to those who need it most.

As a charity we have raised funds for many charitable and worthy causes in the United Kingdom and around the world. The most recent one being the Krishna Hospital in Karamsad, Gujarat and the earthquake disaster in Nepal which devastated large parts of Nepal. I believe that humanity has to be the most prominent.

My special thanks goes to all our sponsors, contributors, well-wishers, past and current members of DHASOL who have worked hard over the last 47years to lay the strong foundations of the charity.

I believe that our biggest assets are the dedicated volunteers who give their time, energy, passion and enthusiasm to the work that we do. Without their invaluable support, DHASOL would not be where it is now.

Mrs Tarlika N. Patel

President - DHASOL