Dhasol Committees

Mrs Tarlikaben N Patel  (President)

Tarlikaben currently manages a cancer information and support centre in an NHS organisation. Some of her work involves working with various Asian communities to raise awareness of cancer including working with the Department of Health to deliver cancer awareness talks in Gujarati. She is currently Secretary for an Asian Women’s group in South London.

Tarlikaben is a very well organised member of the team. She is a loyal and committed member of DHASOL and is an asset to the Society. She has held the following positions:

DHASOL Secretary and Vice –President
Main co-ordinator for DHASOL Matrimonial Introductions
Secretary for Chha Gam Nagrik Mandal

Kamleshbhai M Patel (CEO)

Kamleshbhai is a very committed, hardworking and long standing loyal member of DHASOL and is always willing to help in any way possible. He has been mentored by Manharbhai our past CEO for many years and is now CEO of DHASOL. Kamleshbhai is an asset to our Society.

Bindeshbhai R Patel (Treasurer)

Bindeshbhai is a practicing Accountant with his own practice in South London and is one of our upcoming young members. He is keen to participate in all aspects of DHASOL. Bindeshbhai's interests mainly centre on football and is a keen cricketer supporting Dharmaj Cricket Club and the Indian National Team.

Saagar K. Patel (Secretary)

My wife tells me I am a good husband and a caring father, I run my own Architectural & Energy Business. Born in India and came to UK at the age of 10. I have been a part of DHASOL from an early age. This started with attending the events to take part and has evolved to being part of the committee that organises successful charity events & functions.

DHASOL Charity has become a link to my roots and my culture, being part of this large extended family keeps me grounded and in touch with my history. At the same time it leads a path to being a better human by engaging in charity work, not just for our community but for all communities.

Mrs Induben M Patel (Vice President)

Induben is a loyal member of the Society. She is very keen to support all events with full loyalty and enthusiasm. She possesses admirable social skills and is very active in the committee. She is now the Vice President.

Mukundbhai R S Patel (Administrative Officer)

Mukundbhai is a Chartered Accountant engaged in own practice in South London. He has been involved with DHASOL since its formation, formerly held the position of Treasurer, Internal Auditor, Vice President, and President. He was instrumental in drawing up the original Constitution for DHASOL and registering charitable status and assisted in amending it recently.

He is responsible for preparing DHASOL's annual accounts for inspection by independent chartered accountants; as well as preparing and filing of the Corporation Tax returns, corresponds with the HM Revenue & Customs, completes and files Returns with the Charity Commission.

Mukundbhai represents DHASOL at affiliated associations and is currently Chairman of Chha Gam Nagrik Mandal UK.