DHASOL Diwali gathering 15 October 2017

We had a very successful event where Dharmajians and their guests, family and friends got together to socialise and share delicious home cooked food. Food was made at home with the help of our dedicated volunteers over the two days of the event.

Divas were lit by Viranchikaka, Kevin, Arpita and our Trustees. The event was tinged with sadness as we remembered two people who are sadly missed by DHASOL committee.

Late Mrs ShushilabenViranchibhai who was a volunteer for over 25 years with DHASOL sadly passed away earlier this year. She took the responsibility of the home cooked food that we always serve at our events. She has left behind a legacy that is hard to fill but with the help of all our volunteers we will strive to carry on the good work she did.Viranchikaka accepted an award for Shushilamasi from Manharbhai our Trustee, for her voluntary work with DHASOL.

Late Mr Maheshbhai Ratilalbhai also sadly passed away this year. He had been a committee member with DHASOL for many years although recently he was only able to support us at our events due to business commitments. Induben his wife accepted an award for Maheshbhai from Manharbai our Trustee, for his voluntary work with DHASOL.

We heard a very inspirational life story from Naliniben Patel who is a Dharmaj daughter. Naliniben talked about her difficulties as a child who contracted Polio leading to poor health and disability. Despite this she worked as a teacher and then became a Councillor and Deputy Mayor. Naliniben also received the Dharmaj Gaurav award at Dharmaj day on 12 January 2017.She is certainly an inspiration to all women and people with disabilities.

We enjoyed live music with old and new songs followed by a lively Antakshri competition. We had two teams of six people who participated in the competition. Members of the audience also took part and great fun was had by everyone. Both teams were winners as the Judges could not decide who was the overall winner!

The raffle was drawn before dinner. Prizes were as follows:

1st prize - £300.00 PBL jewellery Voucher

2nd prize - £200.00PBL jewellery Voucher

3rd prize - £151 cash

4th prize - £101 cash

5th prize - £51 cash

6th prize - CD Player

You can see the photos of the winners and for the event in our photo album.

We would like to thank all our supporters, well-wishers and our sponsors for their continued support.




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