Dhasol Committees

Anil Kumar Patel (Trustee)

Anil Kumar is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is the Group Finance Director for a prominent travel insurance Intermediary. Anil Kumar has been instrumental in helping and advising us in recent Constituinal matters. He is an excellent communicator and advises us on the day to day management has been a valuable asset to DHASOL for many years.

Dinubhai R Patel (Trustee)

Dinubhai is a retired bank clerk who has been a very active and enthusiastic member of the Society for many years and has recently accepted the position as Trustee. He posses excellent social skills and is popular in the community and is a good promoter of our activities and keen fund raiser. He is a willing principal key holder and manages all property bookings for our property.

Kantibhai G Patel (Trustee)

Kantibhai formerly held the position of Treasurer and has been a prominent member of the Society for many years and has contributed well in the sound progress and development of the Society.

Manharbhai H Patel (Trustee)

Manharbhai has been the Managing Director of a shop fitting company. He is well trusted and gifted with excellent communications skills, backed by vast business and social experiences, and played a leading role in all aspects of DHASOL as a CEO for 25 years. During this time he achieved a huge amount and made DHASOL a very successful charity. He played a major role in organising events for DHASOL, was very active and successful in raising funds for the Sharda Maternity Hospital, the Mineral Water Project and most recently the Krishna Hospital in Karamsad to name but a few projects that DHASOL was involved in. One of his major achievements as a CEO was securing DHASOL’s own property – Liberty Centre. As CEO he represented DHASOL in many affiliated organisations.

Manharbhai took up the role of Trustee in May 2015 and is still very active in advising and guiding the committee to remain united and focused on the charitable objectives of DHASOL.

He is well respected, trusted and well known throughout our community.

Manharbhai was awarded the “Dharmaj Gaurav” award in January 2008 in recognition of his continuous efforts and outstanding contribution to Dharmaj.